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Workers of the World United

To advance the miners’ fight in Britain, some 6,000 Australian miners sacrificed their own jobs. Their heroic stance was one of many international actions in defence of British mining communities.

Australian seamen support the Miners Strike banner 1984. Seafairers docked at Tilbury near London donating 800 Australian dollars in solidarity with the NUM to striking miners from Betteshanger Colliery in Kent. (Photo by Stefano Cagnoni /

In the battle of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) against Margaret Thatcher’s campaign to break the back of the British labour movement, international solidarity with the NUM remains, forty years on, one of the most inspiring dimensions of that titanic twelve-month dispute. As Seumas Milne, interviewed elsewhere in this issue, has written: ‘The 1984–85 […]

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