Italy’s Quick Fix

In Italy, a constitutional referendum promises to solve the country's democratic crisis by cutting the number of politicians – but easy solutions to structural problems will feed rather than resolve popular frustrations.

Madrid’s Covid Class War

In Madrid, authorities have imposed a new lockdown on 850,000 people living in the city's working-class neighbourhoods – the very places where key workers at the front lines of the virus are most likely to live.

Victor Grayson: Britain’s Lost Revolutionary

100 years ago today Victor Grayson – one of the most famous socialist politicians of his generation – left his London apartment and was never seen again. We explore his controversial life and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Hobsbawm’s Marxist History

Today Eric Hobsbawm is often described as a great historian despite his Marxism – but the opposite is true: Hobsbawm's Marxist perspective imbued his work with a unique historical understanding.