Britain’s Wealthiest Needn’t Worry

Billionaire John Caudwell's support for Labour over Starmer's persecution of socialists and support for capitalism has been unscrutinised by a media class showing no curiosity for whose interests next week's government will serve, writes Tom Mills.

The Vanquished of Yesterday

In her book ‘Burnout', Hannah Proctor brings alive the emotional experiences of socialists responding to defeat over three centuries — and how these experiences can inform future victories.

Behind Labour Together

Since running Keir Starmer's fraudulent leadership campaign, Labour Together has raised staggering sums of money from exploitative businessmen to staff the offices of MPs — shaping party policy in the interests of its mega-rich donors.

In Defence of Fossil Free Books

Howard Jacobson has denounced a campaign against arms manufacturers and fossil fuel companies sponsoring literary festivals, arguing that writers shouldn’t take political action. But his denunciation ignores that complicity is also a political act.

Back to Black

The British Library’s new Beyond the Bassline exhibition is an ambitious attempt to showcase five hundred years of black British music — but fails to do this rich history justice.

Capital’s B-Team Are Ready to Take Charge

Keir Starmer claims that Labour is now ‘pro-business and pro-worker’, but the order of these priorities is no coincidence. Yesterday’s manifesto confirmed that the interests of big business and the wealthy will come first under a Labour government.

Keeping Gaza on the Ballot

While the genocide in Gaza has dominated the thoughts of millions of people across Britain, our political and media class are desperate to sideline the issue — we can't let this happen, writes Andrew Feinstein.