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Cover art by Eiko Ojala

Issue 19

NHS 75

Ronan Burtenshaw

The NHS Was Always Radical

Aneurin Bevan left this magazine for the Ministry of Health with a mission: to build an oasis of socialist principles within British capitalism.

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An interview with Aneurin Bevan

July 5th & the Socialist Advance

Days before the National Health Service launched, Aneurin Bevan spoke to his former colleagues in Tribune about the socialist philosophy which inspired its creation.

Owen Dowling

Tribune and the Battle for the NHS

In the years leading up to the creation of the NHS, its founder Aneurin Bevan edited this magazine. He used its pages to advocate for a healthcare revolution.

Ronan Burtenshaw

Winning the NHS

In 1971, the Tories introduced landmark anti-worker legislation — but trade unions refused to obey and ultimately forced the government to back down.

an interview with Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Casualty vs Thatcher

Journalist Fergal Kinney sat down with Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock to discuss the iconic BBC programme’s roots, its portrayal of the National Health Service, and the politics that shaped its message.


John Lister

Forty Years of NHS Privatisation

Today’s National Health Service is a long way from its socialist heyday — a result of decades spent undermining its public foundations.

Grace Blakeley

Defunding the NHS

At long last, the NHS’s opponents have hit on a strategy that could bring about its demise: starve public healthcare of funding and let private interests grow in its place.


Life in a Broken NHS

An NHS doctor writes anonymously for Tribune about working in a National Health Service starved of the funds and staff needed to care for its patients.


Helen O’connor

A Movement to End Outsourcing

The contracting-out of key NHS functions to private profiteers has eroded public healthcare — we need a movement to end it for good.

chris mclaughlin

The NHS: Safe in Labour Hands?

As a Starmer government becomes increasingly likely, the Labour Party’s plans for the NHS leave much to be desired.

chris thomas

Renewing Bevan’s Vision

If the NHS is to survive, we must set out an agenda that not only defends it but aims to expand its mandate to new arenas.

paris marx

Technology Is Not a Cure

Many believe that technology will lead us to a future of better health. But it could also dismantle our public health systems.