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Cover art by Simon Bailly / Sepia

Issue 22

The New New Labour


Treading Too Lightly

While Blairism said things could only get better, Starmerism says they can only stay the same. But voters aren’t crying out for a politics that ‘treads lightly’ on their lives — they want a politics that improves them.

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Mark Seddon

The Blair Fantasy

Starmer is desperate to become the next Blair — but there’s a yawning chasm between 1997 and 2024.

Interview with Andrew Murray

No Friends of Labour

Desperate to show a contrast to ‘old Labour’, Tony Blair took pride in upholding draconian anti-union laws and was happy confronting organised workers. But this belligerence created a new generation of trade unionists unafraid to challenge him and make things difficult for New Labour.

John Lister

Will the NHS Survive Starmer’s Labour?

The NHS is the Labour Party’s greatest achievement — but nothing so far suggests a Starmer government will do what’s necessary to keep it alive.


Grace Blakeley

The Bank of England Independence Disaster

New Labour’s technocratic managerialism agenda involved ceding control of the Bank of England — a decision with profound consequences to this day. While unelected technocrats are able to hike interest rates and engineer economic slowdowns, workers will remain worse off.

Mike Beggs

Socialism vs the Void

How the decline of mass parties eroded democracy and gave rise to the Third Way’s takeover in Britain and abroad.

Alex Niven

Grey Labour

The hollow and apolitical style that looks set to define a Keir Starmer government can’t survive a world riddled with profound crises. When this unambitious offer crumbles, the Left has to be prepared to answer seriously.


Owen Dowling

Tribune & Anti-Colonial Africa

In the years after the Second World War, African independence fighters seized world attention, forcing democrats in Europe to reckon with problems of colonialism and freedom on the continent. Tribune’s historical journey towards emphatic support for African decolonisation leaves a record of enormous relevance for the anti-colonial left today.


interview with Thurston Moore

‘I Like Being Slightly Alien in the Culture’

Guitarist and vocalist of the iconic Sonic Youth sits down with Tribune to discuss his recently published memoir recounting a personal history of American rock and New York City counterculture.

Marcus Barnett

Britain’s Secret Anti-Apartheid Militants

For the first time, a new film reveals how at the height of the apartheid regime’s power, South African revolutionaries recruited and trained young British workers to assist them in the underground armed struggle to topple the racist state.

Jeremy Gilbert

Mark Fisher’s Futurist Labour Vision

Under Ed Miliband’s leadership, Mark Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert wrote Reclaiming Modernity, which urged Labour to fight the neoliberal domination of workers’ lives, resist Britain’s endless marketisation — and harness the technological ambitions of the young century.

Brioni Bynun

Culture Is on Trial in Berlin

In ‘progressive’ Berlin, daring to treat Palestinians like they are human beings can destroy your life and your work — as thousands of artists and cultural institutions are now discovering.

Raji Sourani

A Letter from Gaza

In a harrowing dispatch from Gaza, Palestinian human rights activist and Gaza City resident Raji Sourani gives an account of daily life amid Israeli air strikes that are killing entire families. Despite it all, Palestinians in Gaza are clinging to hope.