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Ella Glover

Ella Glover is a freelance journalist with bylines in Vice, Huck, and the Overtake.

Back the 13th Note Strikers

This weekend, staff at Glasgow’s 13th Note are staging the first bar strike in Scotland for 20 years. Their fight is proof that workers can organise against the worst conditions in the most casualised industries.

Pay Up OCS

Outsourced hospital workers should be paid the same as their in-house NHS colleagues. Workers employed by OCS in Lancashire and South Cumbria Trust know that – and they’ve been out on strike to make it a reality.

Behind the Childcare Crisis

Childcare is in crisis as parents grapple with unaffordable costs and underpaid and overworked nursery staff reach breaking point. It’s time for serious change – with childcare funded properly and treated as a public good.

Struggle is Brewing at Budweiser

Despite spiralling living costs, employees at the Budweiser factory in Samlesbury were offered an insulting 3% pay rise – in response, these ‘beer heroes’ went on strike for the first time ever.

Behind the Scunthorpe Scaffs Strike

Scaffolders at British Steel’s Scunthorpe site have spent years fighting for their pay to be brought in line with nationally agreed rates. Now, even after more than 100 days on strike, they’re determined to win.

The Christmas Class War

For many workers, Christmas is the toughest time of the year as long hours combine with low wages and despotic bosses. If we want the festive season to be enjoyed by everyone, it’s time to organise.