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Emma Dent Coad

Emma Dent Coad is a Labour councillor for the Golborne ward on Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. She is the former Labour Party Member of Parliament for Kensington.

Defend Emma Dent Coad

The Observer might want rid of Emma Dent Coad – but we don’t. In a new interview, we speak to the Kensington MP about housing, her constituency and the campaign of lies run against her by the Lib Dems.

Debunking the Grenfell Lies

This week Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah claimed that Labour MP Emma Dent Coad was partly responsible for the Grenfell tragedy – here, she debunks his allegation and calls on him to apologise for the smear.

Failing Grenfell Again

Almost two years after the tragic fire in Grenfell Tower, local MP Emma Dent Coad explains how Kensington and Chelsea Council have systematically failed its victims.