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Gregor Gall

Gregor Gall is an Affiliate Research Associate at the University of Glasgow and a Visiting Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Leeds. He is author and editor of over twenty books on unions, politics and Scotland.

The Slow Decline of the SNP

After winning the SNP leadership race, Humza Yousaf inherits a party weakened by scandals and division that threaten its dominance of Scottish politics – and provides new political opportunities for its opponents.

The Punk Strategy

Throughout his political shifts, The Clash’s frontman Joe Strummer taught one crucial lesson: that popular music is an unparalleled means for reaching out to the public.

The Fight Facing Unions in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for trade unions – from mass redundancies to ‘fire and rehire’ schemes. But there were also seeds of worker militancy, and these provide hope for the struggles ahead in 2021.

The Fight Facing the TUC

Next week will see a Trades Union Congress like no other. Amid a global pandemic and a wave of redundancies, the labour movement must adapt – or risk further historic decline.

Who’s Afraid of Section 44?

Throughout the coronavirus crisis the government has refused to inform workers of their legal right to walk out of unsafe workplaces – once again, it has fallen to trade unions to protect workers when nobody else will.

Workers’ Power Under Coronavirus

Capital has already exploited the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for layoffs and wage cuts. If workers are to survive, they’ll need to be organised – and ready to brush off criticism to take strike action.

Rebuilding Solidarity

By scrapping the Tory anti-union laws, a Labour government could begin to rebuild the bonds of solidarity between workers in different industries which provided the basis of real class politics.