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Joe Bilsborough

Joe Bilsborough is a Tribune columnist. He is also a research assistant in economic history at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Rent Is Too Damn High

Housing is driving the cost of living crisis, with private rents in England the highest ever recorded. That will only change through a struggle of renters against the rentiers.

The Danish Dilemma

Denmark is one of the few European states to elect a social-democratic government in recent years – but its mix of progressive economics and anti-immigrant policies offers a stark warning about the years ahead.

Rentier Island

For decades, Britain’s governments have designed public policy to benefit property owners and landlords to the detriment of everyone else – in effect, the UK is a housing market with an economy attached.

Britain’s Low-Pay Scandal

More than a million low-paid workers have regularly skipped meals during this pandemic, while thousands more miss heating and bills. There’s only one solution to Britain’s endemic poverty pay – a real living wage.

The Covid Class War

The global pandemic has pushed between 200 and 500 million people into extreme poverty, while the richest have added $3.9 trillion to their fortunes. Covid-19 is not a crisis impacting us all equally – it’s a class war.

Austerity – Just by Another Name

Yesterday’s announcements saw Rishi Sunak cut £10 billion worth of planned spending from the UK economy. It might be a new form of austerity, but it is austerity nonetheless – and none of it is necessary.

Cash for Drones, Cuts for Workers

By proposing increases in defence spending alongside a pay freeze for workers, the Tories have exposed the lie that governments can’t invest – and revealed their own priorities: war before well-being.