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Solomon Hughes

Solomon Hughes has been writing about corporate influence in politics for twenty years, mostly for Private Eye. He also has a weekly column in the Morning Star.

Behind Labour Together

Since running Keir Starmer’s fraudulent leadership campaign, Labour Together has raised staggering sums of money from exploitative businessmen to staff the offices of MPs — shaping party policy in the interests of its mega-rich donors.

Labour for Sale

Keir Starmer says he wants to clean up politics. Instead, he has facilitated a lobbyist takeover of the Labour Party, where predatory gambling firms, big oil and gig economy giants are buying influence at our expense.

The NHS Swiss Banking Scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Tribune can reveal that the NHS’s Tory-appointed chair Richard Meddings was a key figure in disgraced banking giant Credit Suisse, chairing its risk committee before a series of financial scandals destroyed it last week.

In the Heart of the Tory Identity Crisis

Conservative Conference 2022 has been a heady mix of blue-on-blue attacks, naff merch and sadness. But it’s made one thing clear: when it comes to successfully functioning as the party of the ruling elite, they’re having serious trouble.

The Maggie Complex

Liz Truss aspires to Thatcher’s legacy – but her approach so far has been less brutal ideological crusade and more a nasty game of right-wing lucky dip.

The Department for Deloitte

Tory peer James Bethell once helped Deloitte get government contracts as a private lobbyist. Now, as a health minister, he has overseen a test and trace system which employs 1,127 of their consultants.

Government by Landlord

Boris Johnson’s government is dominated by landlords, many of whom own multiple properties and make a fortune from rent. It isn’t a fluke that they support policies which harm tenants – it’s class politics.

The Tory Tax Cut Scam

In pledging to freeze corporation tax cuts, Boris Johnson has exposed a decade of Tory arguments that cutting taxes would increase revenue to be little more than a propaganda exercise for the super-rich.

The Tories’ War on the NHS

The Tories have despised the public ethos of the NHS since it was founded. In power, they have privatised its services any chance they could – often making handsome profits in the process.