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Greetings From a Free Portugal

On the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, we republish writer and activist Antonio de Figueiredo, who argued upon his return from exile that the liberation of Portugal’s African colonies was the country’s own path to freedom.

The Inquisition of Oppenheimer

We republish a 1955 Tribune article on the interrogation of Dr Oppenheimer which defends the father of the atom bomb and concludes the ‘accusing finger of history is pointed at the statesmen, not at the scientists’.

Remembering the Pentonville Five

On this day in 1972, five trade unionists were arrested after refusing to obey an injunction against picketing. We republish a report from Tribune on the campaign which secured their freedom.

Those We’ve Lost

2020 saw a number of leading lights of the international socialist movement pass away. From Belfast to Bolivia, Glasgow to Ghana, we remember a selection – and pay tribute to their lives in struggle.

2020: A Workers’ Perspective

As 2020 draws to a close, we hear from those at its frontlines: nurses, teachers, posties, binmen – the workers who’ve kept society going through Covid-19, despite the best efforts of the government.