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Cover art by Luogo Comune

Issue 15

Table of Contents

Ronan Burtenshaw

Hot Strike Summer

The crisis impacting working people isn’t a result of blind economic forces — it is the result of a class war waged from above.

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War and Peace

Rupert Russell

How Commodity Speculators Drove War in Ukraine

In London and New York, the spectacularly wealthy gamble on the price of commodities — and, in the process, provide petrostate autocrats like Vladimir Putin with the resources to wage war

Andrew Murray

How Liberals Learned to Love NATO

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, NATO has been presented as a defensive alliance for democracy — but its actual history has been the promotion of Western imperial interests, often at the point of a gun.

Parliamentary Socialism

Chris McLaughlin

As I Please: Democracy in Decline

The departure of Boris Johnson as prime minister has been widely celebrated in Labour circles, but the rot at the heart of our political system goes far deeper.

Tribune Investigates

Eye on the Movement

Francesca Newton

Five Years Since the Grenfell Fire

In June 2017, a catastrophic fire in Grenfell Tower killed seventy-two people and should have changed housing standards for good. Instead, the establishment has failed victims — and resisted all efforts at change.

In Memoriam

John Carden

In Memory of Mike

Mike Carden, one of the leaders of the 1995 Liverpool Dock Strike and father to MP Dan Carden, passed away late last year. Here, his son John Carden remembers his life in socialism.


James Greig

How Peep Show Became Utopian Fantasy

Released almost twenty years ago, Channel 4’s Peep Show followed Mark and Jeremy through lives that were dysfunctional — but, in today’s terms, also unimaginably comfortable.

Amelia Horgan

The Influencer Hustle

A new book explores the rise of online ‘influencers’, the seductiveness of their get-rich-quick schemes, and their role in shaping activist culture.

Hot Strike Summer

Zarah Sultana

Enough Is Enough

It’s time for a campaign that puts the needs of workers before the greed of the corporate elite.

Francesca Newton

Another Summer of Hunger

As millions more turn to foodbanks to eat this summer, the right to food is fast becoming the frontline of the cost-of-living crisis.

Karl Hansen

Criminalising Solidarity

Tory anti-union laws weren’t just designed to make life harder for the labour movement. Their aim was to erode bonds of solidarity between workers altogether.


Grace Blakeley

Radical Ffestiniog

The north Wales town of Blaenau Ffestiniog was once the slate capital of the world. Now, it is pioneering grassroots alternatives to the devastation of post-industrial capitalism.


Juliet Jacques

Art Workers, Unite!

Kuba Szreder’s ‘ABC’ for workers in the arts advocates ways out of a system designed to benefit not those who make artworks, but a handful of investors and gallerists.

Rhian E. Jones

Soap and the City

Edwina Attlee’s book Strayed Homes praises the in-between spaces of everyday life — the intimate public spaces that can be homes from home.

Frances Hatherley

Shoot It Yourself!

The first publication by the left-wing London archive MayDay Rooms showcases examples from the 1930s and 1970s of conscious workers using photography as a tool for solidarity and political understanding.

Houman Barekat

Brilliant Futures

Thuan’s novel Chinatown moves from Hanoi to Leningrad to Paris, as its Vietnamese migrant narrator charts how the ‘future’ shifted in the 1990s from the East to West.

Hannah Proctor

‘Your Move, Creep!’

Paul Verhoeven’s latest film Benedetta, about a nun who enters into a lesbian relationship in her convent while experiencing erotic visions of Jesus, may be disappointing — but at their best Verhoeven’s films do more than just shock.

Douglas Murphy

Sculpture by the Yard

The Manchester-based American sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe’s work epitomised a disappeared and increasingly alien world of public provision.

Carl Neville

We Are the Pigs

The first ever anime feature, now back in cinemas, combines anthropomorphic animals and anti-Western agitation; it was also a work of fascist propaganda.

Ievgeniia Gubkina

A Letter from Kharkiv

Ukraine’s second city, once capital of Soviet Ukraine and a centre of socialist experiment in the 1920s, has been shelled for months. How will it survive the scale of destruction?